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Dolphin Services

While Qatar has opened up its economy considerably in the last decade, the country’s corporate law still stipulates that foreign entities may conduct business in Qatar only in partnership with a local individual or company. Dolphin Group specializes in creating affiliations with international firms operating in construction and related industries, thereby enabling its partners to operate in Qatar as well as being able to offer a comprehensive bouquet of services under one roof to the local market in conjunction with its several business partners.

Our international affiliates also benefit greatly from Dolphin’s solid reputation in the Qatari market and direct links with decision makers and opinion leaders in the region’s construction industry. In the end, it’s a win-win proposition for everyone – our partners, local customers and our shareholders.

As partners with a variety of organizations from across the globe, we recognize that different companies have different priorities, values and methods of working. That’s why we tailor our relationships with each of our partners so that they can operate their business with complete freedom. While we do actively participate in each partnership, particularly when it comes to business development, we are happy to be as involved in the day to day operations of each of our partnerships as they want us to be.

While we don’t impose a one size fits all policy on our partners, there is one cardinal rule that we do make a point to always follow and that is to ensure that there is never a conflict of interest between our international partners or between our local representatives and our partners. That’s why we only partner with one world class company in each subspecialty within the construction industry. Once you establish a partnership with the Dolphin Group, you can be sure that none of your direct competitors will be invited to liaise with Dolphin, and that you will be the sole beneficiary or our local knowledge and contacts in your business sector. 

Business Consultants / International partners
  • Project Management / Cost Mngt. / Architectural Consultants
  • Foundation / Piling Works
  • General Contracting
  • Curtain Walls Facade
  • Interior Designing / Decorations
  • Supplier (Wooden Floors)
  • Security Solutions / Parking Mngt. System
  • Themed Construction (Recreations)
  • Media & Graphics
  • Lighting and Wiring Accessories
  • Hotel Operators
  • Facility Management
  • Real Estate Management
  • Property Management Nanometric Technology

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