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Chairman's Message

Dolphin Group is today the partner of choice for international companies looking to set up operations in construction and related industries in Qatar. This is due in no small measure to the strong ties we share with our existing international partners, who have successfully endeavored alongside us to capitalize on opportunities and build mutually profitable relationships within the country.

It is with great pride that I look back at our progress over the last five years. From a fresh start, we have gone on to establish and nurture strong business relationships with 12 fine companies from around the globe, each of which is an industry leader in its own right. And with another half dozen partnerships currently under discussion, we have no intention of slowing the pace of growth.

In the end, as local partners we at Dolphin play the role of the enabler, and that means giving our business partners ever advantage and every opportunity they need to take root and flourish in Qatar. I have discovered through experience that no two business relationships are quite alike. Some of our partners request that we take a more hands on approach in the day to day operations of the company, while others prefer that we give them their space once operations commence. Either way, we’re happy to provide as much assistance as required; always standing by on the sidelines should our partners need us for any reason.

For anyone considering entering into business in Qatar, I strongly recommend that you visit the country once. We’d be more than happy to show you around, and your trip will give you a far more accurate insight into the country and the potential for development than any reports or statistics. Most first time visitors are awestruck by the scale of ongoing development when they land in Doha, and they often find many of their preconceived notions melting away faster than snow in the desert. So I look forward to seeing you in Doha soon.

Eisa Al Hakeem
Chief Executive Officer

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