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Strong Force Qatar

StrongForce is a global Post Tensioning company who believe there are opportunities to be found to save our clients money through smart design.

Independent in ownership and outlook StrongForce has the insights, imagination and freedom to look at things differently, challenge standard expectations and help clients and their projects to be the best they can be.

From various locations across the world comes a team of talented individuals, with different backgrounds, skills, ideas and experiences - but with the common aim of maximizing opportunities through Post Tensioning.

Post Tensioning

StrongForce Post Tensioning provides innovative design solutions and efficient, professional installation of Post Tensioning and heavy lifting systems. As the construction industry continuously pushes the boundaries in materials, hardware, design precedents and associated services, StrongForce assists by pursuing opportunities offered by Post Tensioned concrete and cable stayed structures.

Our company’s concrete slab Post Tensioning System is used in various slab structures such as carparks and multi – storey buildings. The system can offer huge savings over conventionally reinforced concrete in the areas of material costs, installation costs and construction time. Post Tensioned construction offers opportunities for much larger spans and significant performance benefits in multi – storey buildings.

Advantages of Post Tensioning

All of the services and products offered by StrongForce are produced entirely in – house – from design concept to the most suitable materials and site supervision. This allows StrongForce to deliver:

  • Alternative Designs
  • Value Engineering
  • Economical Designs
  • Projects within established time frames
  • Complete satisfaction to the Client

Multistrand System

The StrongForce Multistrand System is designed for use in concrete structures such as silos, segmental bridges, continuously stressed structures and ground anchors. The system is designed into structures to withhold or bear large focus.

Well known for its proven dependability, the Multistrand System features a compact and robust jack design to facilitate handling and speed of operation.

Conforming to relevant Australian & UK Standards, the system provides the required structural properties with minimal mass of concrete and formwork, while keeping problems and costs to a minimum.

Post Tensioned Slabs

The patented StrongForce Slab System, developed in Australia over the rpast 30 years, is a fully integrated Post Tensionig systems for thin concrete sections such as floor slabs. It uses high tensile steel strands encased in a flat or round duct to prevent the steel strands bonding to the concrete while setting. Strategically positioned within the concrete, the tendons are anchored at one end, stressed and locked off. The steel strands are then grouted under pressure to provide the necessary corrosion and fire protection as required by relevant standards.

Heavy Lifting

StrongForce is one of the few companies that manufactures flat jacks in – house. We offer a total service from start to finish for a wide range of applications and can offer a tailored product for any particular application. Areas where our expertise has proved invalueable include.

  • Underpining structures
  • Replacing bridge bearings
  • Testing piles
  • Lifting heavy weights
  • Re–stressing columns

Ground Engineering

StrongForce Ground Engineering specialises in design and construction of face stabilization systems. These systems include temporary and permanent ground anchor, grouting, micropiling and shotcreting.

StrongForce offers a range of ground anchors including the use of single and multi low – relaxation strand tendons, anchors, soil nails and rock bolts providing up to 15, 000kN capacity. The ground anchor includes restressable, monitorable and non – restressable fully – grouted types.

The service provided by StrongForce Ground Engineering includes anchoring for hold – down applications including crane bases and a specially designed Post Tensioned base for wind farm structures (patent pending).


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