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P.T.E. Qatar

PTE Qatar is the Middle East branch of Parchettificio Toscano.
Parchettificio Toscano (Italy) is manufacturer of parquet, boiserie and exceptional wood floorings decorated by marble, precious stones and metal.
We supply governmental, corporate  and private sectors with innovative and stylish floorings never seen before.

Parchettifico Toscano is a success story of traditional craftsmanship of Italy.  Our credentials date back half a century.  Focus on research and development, coupled with beauty and innovations, allows for dynamic art and outstanding brilliant solutions.

We  meet  the needs of the most demanding customers yet maintaining our [well known] exclusive attention to details.


We cater for all types of projects from multi building apartments - city scrapers – mansions – arabian palaces - opera houses entertainment centres –shopping malls – airports – major business hubs - personal homes and villa’s – domestic and commerical compounds.

Our main characteristic is Flexibility: Choose from our award winning innovative styles and designs or satisfy your desires by configuring your own combination and layouts.


Being  producers we have a very large range of products.

You can therefore choose from our already world acclaimed styles and designs or combine with our world renowned artists, to create your own original and unique masterpiece.  We will attend to any of your imaginations and create your bespoke floorings.  The best aspect of our product is that they are individually styled and fashioned, never to be reproduced again. 

You will be enchanted by the combinations of our natural elements including wood, marble and metal.  Their masterly combination creates a magical cooling experience you will never forget.

PTE allows you to distinguish your property – villa, apartment or boat - from an ordinary place, granting long lasting impression and increased value over time.

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