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Middle East Foundation

A leading foundation contractor in the UAE, Middle East Foundations LLC provides a range of geo-technical services including piling, ground improvement techniques, diaphragm walls, secant walls, grouting and steel sheet piling. With a proven ability to undertake complex projects and execute them with amazing finesse, Middle East Foundations is led by a team of highly experienced, skilled, and qualified professionals.

Carving a sound niche for itself in the construction sector of the UAE since its establishment in 1995, the company has completed a long list of prestigious projects including Dubai Marina Project, Dubai Internet City, and Dubai International Airport, among others. The UAE's magnificent skyline is dotted with many majestic creations for which the invisible foundation and enduring support have been provided through Middle East Foundations.


Middle East Foundations offer a broad range of services that meet varied needs related to Design and planning and foundation related activities. The integration of design and construction is the key to the success of any project and we focus much of our effort in this area.

The introduction of our specialist skills and expertise early in the project process will help to identify risk and maximize the opportunities for innovation and buildability.We believe that an innovative approach is essential to meet our customers' present and future needs. At MEFG, much of this is achieved at grass roots level through the high level of quality control built into the functioning of the company.

Improvement teams embrace every level of the company and target not only major issues but also areas of small cost savings. We have long used CAD technology to produce detailed drawings. Our aim is to develop greater I.T. interchange between ourselves and our customers to allow greater savings in cost to be realized.

M.E.F's track record in providing real benefits to our customers through design, innovation and continuous improvement can be demonstrated by past industry awards - including the Dubai Westside Marina Project. The activities can be broadly classified as Foundations, Excavation Support, and Ground Improvement. Middle East Foundations remain market leader in the following areas of services:



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